Our Project and Impact at a Glance Our Project and Impact at a Glance

We envision Nagasaki as a 21st century tourism gateway, where high-skilled, high-tech jobs attract an influx of new residents and where parents can raise their children with peace of mind, knowing that a safe, responsible new industry provides a wide variety of high-quality employment, education and training opportunities right here at home.

Our Facilities - The Sails at Omura Bay -

The Sails at Omura Bay draws its design inspiration from the Nagasaki Tall Ships Festival, Hansen Matsuri. Majestically rising from Omura Bay, grand glistening sails soar into the sky celebrating the region’s deep history of maritime prominence, trade, and global connectivity.While other resorts around the world offer amenities that lie within the boundaries of their resort facility, The Sails at Omura Bay will offer guests the entirety of Kyushu – or, as the saying goes, “Kyushu as One.” By doing so, we will appeal to travelers the world over who are seeking new, authentic travel experiences, world-class amenities and compelling natural tourism. 
Our efforts to minimize local environmental impact and design in harmony with our surroundings will will take into consideration the needs and perspectives of several stakeholders, including the Prefecture, nearby cities, fishery cooperatives and others. Our conservation and sustainability measures will include:

MICE Facility

The total capacity will accommodate over 12,000 people and offer 25,000 m2 of exposition space. A 15,000-seat capacity arena will host concerts by renowned artists, touring productions, sports and other events. The Oshidori team is unique – among the bidders and in the world – for our experience and connections in the MICE industry.


The hotel tower at The Sails at Omura Bay is comprised of approximately 2,500 rooms and suites, ranging in size from 50 m2 to 400 m2. Located at the very cusp of the tower’s architectural sails, the spectacular “Sky Villas” are five individually unique suites designed with the balance and symmetry of Japanese influences and the crafted luxury of a home in the sky. 


We will feature unmatched collection of dining experiences, including new dining concepts, restaurants from well-known operators and celebrity chef showcases that will offer a wide variety of cuisines.


Spread across approximately 15,000 m2 of double height space, we will feature a series of glittering shops – many of which pay direct homage to products of Japanese origin and retail products with historical roots in Kyushu and Japan. 


A 15,000-seat capacity arena will host concerts by renowned artists, touring productions, sports and other events.

Attraction Enhancement Facilities

Our showcase facility, to be designed and operated by the cooperation with major printing company, will welcome more than 1.6 million guests every year. Interactive exhibits and virtual reality experiences will bring Kyushu’s history, culture and traditions to life, encouraging guests to explore the region.

Tourism Sending Facility

Next to the Japan Promotion Facility is our Transportation Facility.It will be a central point for guests arriving by water, mass transit or helicopter.

For thr community

To strengthen our community, we will make partnership with local companies, academic facilities and local communities, and we will contribute revitalization of Nagasaki-Kyushu.

Responsible Gaming and Security Responsible Gaming and Security

We see our commitment to Responsible Gaming as a key component of our culture, and we will make it a primary focus for all employees. We will launch one of the most robust Responsible Gaming programs in the industry, featuring, training for every employee and 24-hour phone, web, text and in-person resources for guests.

02.To achieve our goal of 90% local procurement 02.To achieve our goal of 90% local procurement

We will engage and support the local small business community by offering a range of resources to help them seize economic opportunity. We will launch a procurement website to attract local businesses and then offer the training and support they need to grow their businesses and become a regular supplier.

03.Support for Small Businesses 03.Support for Small Businesses

Oshidori will establish a small business outreach center to engage and support the local small business community by offering a range of resources to help them seize economic opportunity. The center will provide training and assistance with marketing, information technology, customer service and other functions.

04.Daycare Center 04.Daycare Center

Employees will enjoy free on-site childcare at The Sails at Omura Bay. This novel unique benefit will help women – and all parents – to balance work and family, encouraging many to re-enter the workforce.

05.Educational Partnerships 05.Educational Partnerships

Will help us create meaningful career pathways for the citizens of the region and drive U, I and J-turns to the region. We expect to hire 90% of our workforce from Kyushu and Nagasaki  Specialty training academies in partnership with local educational institutions will prepare new hires for roles in a variety of fields, including IT, Marketing and Hospitality. We will explore the development of a hospitality MBA at the local university.

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