Creating the ideal future through IR.

With IR, Oshidori will work to create solutions
that make this a better town for us all.

What does your ideal future city look like?

Through the creation of a world-class IR, Oshidori wants to work together with everyone in Nagasaki and
Kyushu to create solutions that help us overcome some of the area’s local challenges.
Therefore, we welcome your ideas for your vision of the ideal city.

Share your ideas here!

Oshidori is a company that makes your ideals a reality.

Nagasaki’s population is rapidly declining. This is just one of several local challenges facing the city and the wider region. By building a first-of-a-kind IR especially for Nagasaki, Oshidori would like to play its role in raising the living standards in the city and the broader Kyushu area to a new level. What will our IR create? Jobs that are often available only in big cities. More robust and stable communities, in which children can access diverse educational opportunities. An inclusive environment that provides for all of life’s joys big and small, and greater convenience. Exciting new forms of entertainment. Through the creation of a world-class IR, we can address the region’s key challenges. Oshidori’s mission is to make your ideals a reality, and to build the future city of your dreams.

Oshidori’s four “S” commitments to Nagasaki Oshidori’s four “S” commitments to Nagasaki

Stimulate job growth and new careers Stimulate job growth and new careers

With its multitude of hotels, arenas, convention centers, exclusive restaurants and more, an IR has a vast variety of job opportunities spanning at least six industries. This expands the employment horizons and career potential for the people of Nagasaki. But that’s not all that an IR brings. Having visitors from all over the world travel to a Nagasaki IR will give the city and the wider Kyushu region a chance to showcase the unique local culture and customs. The resort will stimulate the kind of job growth and diverse work styles that are usually only available in the world’s top cities.

Support the next generation by investing in children’s education Support the next generation by investing in children’s education

Oshidori wants to play an active role in raising local living standards, and that means supporting the next generation of Nagasaki. Through new daycare centers and other means, an Oshidori IR will promote work-life balance and diverse work styles. As part of our commitment, we have established the Kyushu Oshidori Children’s Foundation, which will help improve the quality of local education and expand on the potential of local children of all ages. The Foundation will provide scholarships, help with foreign-language learning, offer study-abroad opportunities, work internships, entertainment and hospitality-related programs, and also donate to student sports.

Secure a better lifestyle

Aside from making everyday life more convenient thanks to its new shops, restaurants, and other facilities, IR can fulfil a vital role in times of emergency by acting as a disaster-management center. Such hubs need to be situated in places that people are already familiar with, where locals already gather for work, shopping, food, and other regular activities. We aim to create a safe and secure environment by making full use of the latest in global knowledge and know-how to deal with areas of local concern, be it around addiction, security or other.

Spark the arrival of the latest in technology Spark the arrival of the latest in technology

We will help Nagasaki sparkle on the world stage as the IR attracts the best entertainment with the latest in technology. The integrated resort will bring to the city fashion brands, restaurants and many other delights that have yet to reach Japanese shores. It will also be a place that’s inclusive and universally designed, making it fun and accessible and to all people, regardless of age, disability or where they are from. We hope you will enjoy interacting with all manner of people from around the world.

About Us

COO Keigo Nakatani

Keigo Nakatani has worked on promotional campaigns for the biggest names in Japanese tourism during a more than 20-year career with advertising major Hakuhodo Inc. He was closely involved in promoting Japanese product overseas, working with clients including the Japan Tourism Agency, Narita International Airport, and Okinawa Prefecture. He was involved in the government’s Cool Japan campaign and helped a Japanese brewery expand its brand overseas.

Keigo is passionate about regional revitalization and has won acclaim for his on-the-ground, in-person approach. He is a winner of the prestigious Okinawa Advertising Award for contributions to promoting local dialects and customs.
From 2017, Keigo managed the account of a major U.S. IR operator, helping the company enter the Japanese market and become the dominant player in the northern region of Japan.

Keigo has visited over 30 IRs in North America, Europe, and Asia and is one of the few Japanese experts familiar with the industry’s facilities around the world.
He is also a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter and a Sergeant First Class with the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force reserve.

Director of CSR Moe Murakami

Moe Murakami is an entrepreneur, the wife of a professional athlete, and a mother of one. She is also the Representative of NEXTWEEKEND, an online media site based on the concept of "with just a little ingenuity and appreciation of the seasons, you too can create your ideal lifestyle." Besides this, she also manages a website, publishes a magazine, hosts weekend events, operates an e-commerce store, and also works on various products and spaces. Moe Murakami hopes to use her own personal experience as well as the culture embedded in IR of supporting working mothers, to engage in a variety of activities with the Kyushu Oshidori Children's Foundation. The Foundation was established to improve the quality of education, stay close to the community and make IR more accessible to all. She is a native of Yokohama City. After getting married, she moved to Kobe, Sapporo, and Osaka. She has been living in Nagasaki since 2021.


[April 27,2021] PR
Oshidori International Development Donates 10 million JPY to Launch Initiative to Support Children in Nagasaki on Children’s Day
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[March 30,2021] PR
Oshidori International Development appoints
Moe Murakami as Director of CSR
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[February 10,2021] PR
Oshidori International Development announces Official Partner agreement with Japanese Professional Soccer Club “V-Varen Nagasaki”
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About Oshidori

Oshidori International Development GK is a Japanese corporation that was established to develop an integrated resort in Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture. Its parent company is the Hong Kong-based general financial services company, Oshidori International Holdings Limited. (listed in Honk Kong under the stock code HKEX: 0622).

Oshidori’s mission has two key goals. To help develop the tourism industry in Nagasaki and the broader Kyushu region through the creation of a world-class resort. And, at the same time, to ensure a bright future for the children of Kyushu region by creating new business opportunities and careers.

As a responsible member of the community, Oshidori strives to work in tandem with local governments, businesses, schools, and other organizations to raise the region to a new level and see it thrive. As part of its mission to turn future ideals into reality, in 2019, the company established the Kyushu Oshidori Children’s Foundation. The Foundation holds an 18.84% stake in Oshidori International and with this resource, among other means, it aims to improve the lives of young people in the region. In addition, The Foundation has donated about 20 million yen to support Nagasaki’s disaster recovery efforts.

About Kyushu Oshidori Children’s Foundation About Kyushu Oshidori Children’s Foundation

In 2019, Oshidori established the Kyushu Oshidori Children’s Foundation in support of children and youth of all ages, from pre-school to graduate school in the Kyushu region. The Foundation owns approximately 20% of the share capital of Oshidori International Holdings Limited. The Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the lives of children and youth in Kyushu, unleashing their potential to maximize their opportunities at school and work, and inspiring them to live their life to the fullest. The goal of the Foundation is to bring improvements from the primary level that can drive meaningful changes to rejuvenate Nagasaki.

The Foundation aims to foster future global citizens by:

  • Providing financial aid to children and youth from disadvantaged and vulnerable families, and single-parent households.
  • Working with prefectural boards of education in improving school facilities and teaching qualities to help students (especially those from low-income and rural communities) to better prepare for college and career placement.
  • Facilitating local high-school and college students to study abroad.

During the floods in July 2020, the Foundation donated 20,000,000 yen to Akai Hane – Nagasaki Community Chest Association & Social Welfare Corporation – to support flood relief efforts in Nagasaki Prefecture.

Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment

Oshidori and Mohegan aim to build an integrated entertainment resort in Nagasaki, Japan, that contributes to economic growth in the broader Kyushu region. Nagasaki is one of the world's most sought-after future IR locations.

Our partner, Mohegan, is a leading developer of Integrated Entertainment Resorts (IER) with 10 facilities around the world, including one of the largest IER in the Western Hemisphere. Mohegan's flagship properties include Mohegan Sun (Uncasville, Connecticut, U.S.) and Inspire (Inchon, South Korea). The company is proud of its stable management and transparent governance, and is registered with the SEC (U.S. Securities and Trade Commission). Mohegan is also a leader in sports entertainment. The company owns and operates the Connecticut Sun (a women's professional basketball team in the WNBA) and the New England Black Wolves (a men's professional lacrosse team in the National Lacrosse League). Mohegan is looking at the possibility of a strategic tie-up between the Incheon Airport IR in South Korea and an IR in Nagasaki.

Headquarters: Uncasville, Connecticut, U.S.
President and CEO:Ray Pineault
International President : Bobby Soper
General developer of integrated entertainment resorts (IER)
For more information about the company and its resorts,
please visit

Company Information

Company Name
/ Oshidori International Development GK
HQ Address
/ 7-1 TBM Nagasaki Building, 1st floor Manzai-machi, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture, 850-0033
/ July 28, 2020
/ Planning, developing, and operating integrated resorts

Oshidori International Holdings Limited. is the parent company of Oshidori International Development GK, a Hong Kong listed company that engages in trading and investing in securities, as well as financial services, corporate financial advisory, and integrated-resort development.